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System Requirements - Slickscreen requires Window XP, Vista or 7.  Slickscreen uses the .NET Framework 4.0 client profile.  The Slickscreen installer should install this but it can also be downloaded and installed from Microsoft at this link.

We recommend having a display resolution of at least 1200 pixels wide for using Slickscreen.

Slickscreen uses Microsoft's Web Browser Rendering for the native web panels.  This technology, sometimes called Trident or WebOC is configurable in the Windows Registry.  For more information on advanaced settings, please consult the Microsoft documentation.  If you decide to use any of these settings, Slickscreen's application name is "Slickscreen.exe" without the quotes.  You would simply create the registry keys in the specified node.

Slickscreen is deployed as a Microsoft "ClickOnce" application.  It requires full trust but does not require access to the registry hive HK Local Machine.  You do not need to be an administrator to run Slickscreen or install updates.

Updates are posted from time to time and Slickscreen will prompt the user if they would like to upgrade or skip.

Slickscreen can be launched via the "Start" menu or via a Desktop Icon.  If you are running Windows 7, you can drag and drop the Slickscreen desktop icon onto the Windows taskbar to "pin" Slickscreen to the Task bar for faster startups.

Slickscreen does not run in your system tray, nor has any running processes upon system startup.  


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