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Use your web and windows applications in a non-overlapping interface
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Slickscreen is a fast download for Windows 

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Slickscreen is a new and exciting software tool that allows people with high resolution displays to browse the web, or work your browser applications, by leveraging the investment in your graphics card and monitor.

Capture running Windows Apps

Slickscreen can capture a running Windows app into its panel system, or simply use Slickscreen to manage all of your browsing sessions.

Maximize your Screen Real Estate

Tired of dragging and resizing Windows only for things to be hidden or clipped.  Slickscreen allows you to maximize your screen with our smart, non-overlapping panel system.    The larger your monitor, the more useful Slickscreen is.

Save Multi-Panel Layouts

Just like a favorite or a bookmark, save your most useful multi-panel layouts for recall at a later time.

See Slickscreen in action ...

Slickscreen running YouTube, Facebook, Bing and Microsoft Excel in four panel mode.
iPad Screenshot

Slickscreen is a fast download for Windows

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