Screenshot of Slickscreen
Screenshot of Slickscreen in four panel mode displaying YouTube, Facebook, Bing and Microsoft Excel captured in a Slickscreen Panel. 

Download Slickscreen!    It's a free trial and super fast.  For Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8.

  Slickscreen is a productivity tool designed to maximize your screen real estate.

  Our interface is non-overlapping; great for comparisons and copy/paste of tasks.

  Works in compliment to your current web browsers and programs.

  Leverage your screen real estate.   Don't waste it with useless white space.

  Drag and drop content from window to window.  Say goodbye to the "Back" button.

  Capture running applications and run them inside of Slickscreen's interface.

  Six and eight panel modes for you high rollers with even larger screens.

  New for 2.0: Now supporting Chromium / Webkit.  Google's open source Chrome based browser.

Download Slickscreen

Looking for a Windows 8 slimmed down version of Slickscreen?  Try WebSplit by Slickscreen

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Slickscreen is a productivity tool designed for high resolution displays.  View More, Browse Better, Work Smarter.